Twin Souls for Universal Balance – Twin Flames

By Minu Shyaam

Twin Souls For Universal Balance.

The more I am me the more he is he.

Whatever energies I bring,
He brings an equal and opposite energy.

This is how Universe manifests energy balance via Twin Souls.

If am too good,
He behaves too bad.
If I behave too bad,
He balances out being too good.

There’s pain and joy both experiences at the same time in this twin soul relationship.

Deep pain and deep joy
=  deep love

If am naive, he is manipulative.
Where he is naive, am diplomatic.

Yes this is the ultimate truth about the twin soul,
We embrace or reject the opposite energies that come with our existence.

It isn’t easy for me to learn and see in my twin mirror the existence of an opposite energy that’s me too.

Embracing the opposite qualities,
The duality
The polarities
Is what’s true love
Being OK with merging of opposite natures.

He is everything am not
Am everything he is not

If am a Saint
He is a Sinner
And vice versa

This is a marriage of the polarities
Coexistence of the duality

Staying in harmony with your equal and opposite mirror energy is both repulsive and attractive.
Hence immense maturity is required to attain Union and

To embrace this opposite quality
Yet understand it’s a reflection of me… he is my remaining self
Am his remaining self

Embracing everything that is not my present avataar
is so challenging…

I have grown through wisdom to this level of being
Only to be shown this mirror of truth that am not just this wise self
Am that foolish vain self as well…
Embrace him…

Just as he is growing through his struggles
He realizes he is not just ugly
He is beauty as well

There’s this unique attractive quality about him that has ONLY me fully engaged to him.

There’s something attractive about me that only appeals to him…

This is a magnetic force that’s undying and as natural as gravity…

We both have one mind source.

He hacks my mind thoughts
Just as I can access his thoughts
And feelings…

We both want the same thing
Just that we are with other people
Another set of circumstances

What he seeks
I seek the same

What he wants to give
I want to receive

What I wanna give
He wants to receive

It’s just a matter of time
Universe brings us two together to balance the energy of give and take, demand and supply…

Twin Souls are Universe manifesting itself out…
A universal expression of balance!


  • @alive_8Lives
    Posted at 09:25h, 13 February Reply

    Such a very interesting topic to think about…I also believe that there is a sibling kind of repulsion- attraction dynamic between twinsouls…yet between the subject and its image in the mirror, I don’t believe it is as simple as a mere opposition…but all the contrary : there is a perfect symetry and similarity in all points but from another perspective. If we take the wrong prism from whuch we look at it, and notably the one of unsolved pas conditionning, it may look as if it is an opposition….but I don’t believe it is at all….the question remaining is: how to deal with what makes us to come the unproper perspective?

  • AffiliateLabz
    Posted at 06:10h, 16 February Reply

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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