Man proposes God disposes

By Minu Shyaam

A Twin Soul highlights and reflects  all the points to sort out in each other, this gets irritating for each other most of the times.

Because the love isn’t an easy smooth and ego-massaging bond… especially in today’s practical times, our ego overrules us, we seek comforts and convenience over consciousness to improve ourselves…
and in such times when our twin flame stands before us reflecting our points to improve, we are repulsive Bcz we don’t feel ready for each other to unite in love when we have zillion aspects to correct evolve and arise… seeking easier friendships and relationships become human nature… the only thing that binds the 2 together is the constant inner awareness that this soul is someone my soul loves and can’t resist if given a chance but I can’t coexist with that person’s irritations or reflections it’s too much to bear…
That’s what happens even when closer to Reuinion phase…

Reunion is that stage when the purging of all remnants happens inside out… we throw out every unnecessary feeling/thought that we needn’t carry any longer as we are reuniting in joy going forward…

The twins reuniting don’t knw they are reuniting In physical till the divine timing…
Because inside Reunion is constantly present without awareness of that fact.
Physical Reunion happens when we become aware of our inner reunion with astonishment at first and embrace with ease gradually.

Man proposes God disposes.
Whether we repel each other or char each other… we can never throw each other out of each other’s lives no matter how hard we try, Universe doesn’t allow it.

So don’t even try to cut off or believe that it’s over.
Universe makes them reappear with some or the other aspect to highlight about us… it’s as though Universe has appointed someone to correct us over time and again, that relentless pursuit of our twin soul to keep reflecting our inner aspects…

It’s a bond that can never rest at ease… it’s ever-intense…
The one reward twin soul comes with is deep fulfillment of being our authentic selves with this one person. We can be our nude selves with each other.

Don’t chase Reunion. It is already scheduled by Universe. Just walk the path with a good attitude every step of the way.

Feel every aspect of this divine bond in all it glory.
We have a mother who corrects us and reflects our character truths And there comes our twin soul who reflects our spiritual truths. A twin soul is a constant. Respect each other through it all. This is a divinely planted person in our lives. Once in 7 lifetimes kinda person.

Never ever be fooled by the deception of “its over”.
There it stares right back at us as if this is Gods Will and not a Man’s.
The bond heals by itself.
The hurt caused to each other by each other heals naturally easily… even if we may want to hold onto hurt to point out at each other, the hurt is gone, it has healed, thanks to Divine involvement.
Recognition of this Divine Bond is the essence. One may feel it by the end of one’s life… better sooner than later…

Remember one eternal truth,
It is never over even if your Twin Soul says it is over between the 2.
Universe has Reunion scheduled and pulls a surprise for the Twin Souls without any control/influence of the twin souls. That’s why man proposes, God disposes. It’s kinda funny because all along we humans believe we are in control of our lives, but it is actually Divine Will, Universe expresses its Will via Us via our Reunion.


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