Affirmations For Loving Yourself

I love myself and everybody in returns love me

I am beautiful

I am strong

I have the potential to succeed in anything I wish to accomplish

I am proud of my accomplishments

I am my love and my love is me. I am grateful for my own love and for the love surrounding me

I accept and embrace all my imperfections

I am whole, perfect, strong, happy, I loving and harmonious

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

I am my own unique self- special, creative, and wonderful

I believe myself and so do others

I am strong in mind, body, and spirit

I do not need anyone’s approval

I compare myself to my highest self

I achieve my goals

I am the best me there is

I can do it I know I can

The best is yet to come

Today I will make magic happen

I express joy and life returns the favor

Nothing will hold me back from having a good day

I choose love, joy, and open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life

I completely trust in my ability to face any challenges

I can do all things within Christ whom strengthen me

I trust in my ability to make the best decisions for me

I am in charge of my mind

I do not compare myself to others

I am happy

I am blessed

I am always improving

I am gentle, kind and comforting to my inner child, as I uncover and release the old negative messages within me

I accept and love myself unconditionally no matter what

I am too big of a gift to the world to waste my time on self pity and sadness

I let go of negative self talk

I am worthy

I am important

I deserve love and I get it in abundance

I empathize with others

I love and accept myself for who I am, as I am. It is not my ego that I love, rather it is what is divine in me, the purity of my being. I take the time to care for myself, ad to enjoy life. In doing so I stop searching for the external things that create only an illusion of filling my emptiness.

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