Twin Flame It’s a NO till it’s a YES

By Minu Shyaam

When my twin and I went on our first date,
I wasn’t really keen on going out with him. He wasn’t my type at all.
It was something about him that I couldn’t say a No to. I went out for a date only to say a No to a relationship with him that he initiated.
He gripped my hands and literally surrendered his life in my hands,
He was gripping and he arrested my attention towards him,
His pure surrender and affections – I couldn’t just say a No at that point. He showed me a vision of us that is what I exactly wanted.
Clearly he hacked my mind, I thought to self this can’t be true.
I felt ech step of the way that God helped him trick me into these dates with him with his one liners that would hack my mind…
I would carry a feeling of building a home in a place that’s a dream… he mentioned that exact place… howz that even possible… only God knew what I wanted as I always had conversations within…
And here there’s another soul who knew what I wanted…
He would quote many such liners that would reflect my state of mind, state of heart, state of soul…

He took my attention entirely.

My well-rehearsed No became a Yes.
Only and only because God played a big role in allowing my twin to access my wishlist.

Thereon no looking back,
We courted for 3 yrs
We are now married for 12yrs
We have a divine baby of 11yrs nw

Life always throws challenges at twin souls to grow and develop and mature…

Somewhere our intensity was too deep for my twin to handle and he detoured from me to sort himself out, he kept saying he wasn’t ready enough for us… he would come close and then detour…

We both continued feeling the intensity, I grew deep in spiritual maturity whilst he did well for himself in worldly ways…

My No couldn’t stop him from getting a Yes out of me.

His No dsnt stop me from expecting a Reunion of us.

Somewhere we both secretly knw what the other one wants…

I had a stubborn No until I uttered a Yes out of the blue out of my senses… something made me say a yes and commit to him for life… and I was puzzled how I said a yes to him… some inner voice made me say a yes to him despite my well-decided NO.

It’s always a NO till a YES and that’s all that counts. That point of change and then nonloking back ever.

My twin never looked at my NO for an answer, it didn’t stop him from pursuing the soul he wanted to unite with…

Today his not-being-ready or a NO doesn’t stop me from desiring reunion with him.
At this age, one feels ego hurt etc. am past all of that,
Because the feeling between twin souls is how one feels for oneself…

We may be confused and in 2 minds, in a dilemma, not wanting to lose control, may not wanna lose the space and freedom of being by oneself, being in union means being ok with polarity, duality, it’s too deep to handle…
Being ok with darkness and light,
Dark is deep, light is too bright
Both equally challenging and heavy to handle until life helps us with enough experiences in the lines…
a twin reunion happens between 2 experienced souls.
They r thrown into enough extreme experiences to handle the intensity…

It’s a No until it’s a Yes.

Yes is determined by the Universal Divinity and our higher selves together.

Both our higher selves have constant  conversations and trust when I say even when our lower selves reject each other
Our higher selves are always in sync with Universal timing.

Just wait for a Yes from entire Universe. Yes is any moment now.


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